Pop! is a simple but highly addictive game in which you must pop the balloons before they reach the top of the screen and avoid the bombs. There are special balloons with several boosters and surprises.
Have fun with Pop!

Pop! avaliable in the Google PlayStore

March 12th 2015

Pop! for Android is live and avaliable to play from your phone or tablet. With all the features you already enjoy in the web version plus all the advantages of being mobile! the portable version of Pop! is just one more of the surprises we have for 2015.

You can download Pop! from the Google PlayStore or from the Amazon AppStore.

Soon we will be also launching iPhone, iPad and Facebook versions, so keep posted to our blog for more news on The spotted monster.

Download to your Android Device:
Get it on Google Play

Web version of Pop! avaliable

February 21st 2015

The web version of ‪Pop!‬ is avaliable to play for FREE at pop.thespottedmonster.com, we'll be adding Facebook and Android versions very soon, and iPhone right after that.

Also there is a cool update comming with social features to let you challenge your friends and share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

So keep playing Pop! and let us know your opinion!

Until next time, have Fun!

We launched our new site!

January 15th 2015

Welcome to The Spotted Monster Blog, here we are going to share with you all the news related with our games, our site, social media, give insight of what we did and let you take a sneak peek at what we are doing and planning to do next. Also feel free to share your opinion with us, tell us what you think of what we are doing, and what you want next.

We are starting 2015 with a bang, launching our site together with our first game, we really hope you enjoy your time in our website. Here you'll be able to play all of our games for free (it's only one so far, but we are working hard to give you more!) and share it and compete with your friends. Pop! is a family friendly game aimed for kids but it can be enjoyed by everyone. Give it a try HERE, you can play it online or download it to your preferred platform.

We are very exited with our projects for 2015 and expect we can have lots of fun together.

So welcome aboard, have fun and have a very happy 2015!